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Orthodox Icons of Fevronia

The iconography dedicated to the name Fevronia reflects the veneration of St. Fevronia of Murom, who is one of the most venerated saints in the Russian Orthodox Church. St. Fevronia lived in the twelfth century and became an example of piety, chastity and family virtue.
On orthodox icons dedicated to Fevronia, one can see the image of the Saint in monastic garb. She is depicted with a cup, symbolizing her rejection of secular pleasures and preference for spiritual life. She is also often depicted with her spouse, St. Peter, with whom they together decided to adopt a monastic lifestyle.
Icons with the image of Fevronia serve as a reminder of the importance of spiritual values, family love and devotion. St. Fevronia is considered an intercessor and guardian of family happiness, marital fidelity and spiritual grace. Believers appeal to St. Fevronia with requests for help in family problems, finding prosperity and strengthening family bonds.
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