Our workshop of icons is located in a beautiful and historical place in Russia – in the Vladimir region, which is considered one of the spiritual centers of Orthodox Russia. This region is mentioned already in the annals of the XVII century as a place with a pogost and a male monastery on the bank of the river Mstyora. Over time, the population of this area became more and more dense, and the territory received the status of a sloboda.

The Epiphany Monastery played a significant role in the life of local residents and was the cultural and religious center of Mstyora. It promoted education and employment of the inhabitants, including craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of icons. This craft was in great demand among the local population because of its association with church utensils.

In the 19th century, the icon painters of Mstyora united and established their artels in Moscow. Their works became very popular and were recognized as highly artistic, combining elements of academic painting and Stroganov painting. The masters of Mstyora were famous for their images, which were characterized by their smartness and freshness. They were recognized as the best in Russia and received the status of suppliers to the imperial and grand ducal courts.

However, after the revolution of 1917, the icon-painting workshops were reoriented into a factory of proletarian art. Only in the 80s of the XX century they were restored to their former status. And now, we, the icon painters of the workshop, work to preserve the ancient tradition of writing icons.

Painters of our workshop have a special education received in art schools and universities. They also attended icon painting courses, and the skill was passed on to them from their parents and teachers.

Today our workshop continues the tradition of icon painting that began many centuries ago in Mstyora. We create beautiful iconographic works using techniques and methods passed down to us from our ancestors.

We also try to preserve the original style of Mstyora icon painting, adding new elements and techniques to create unique works of art. Our workshop accepts orders for various icons – from classic images to more modern and non-standard works.

We value every order, and we try to meet the needs of our customers by creating high-quality and unique icons. Our workshop has many satisfied customers not only in Russia, but also all over the world.

In conclusion, our workshop is not just a commercial project, we are heirs of the ancient tradition of icon painting of Mstyora. We are proud to continue the creative heritage of our ancestors and invite all those interested to join us to learn more about the beautiful art of icon painting.