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Wedding orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary and the Almighty are two icons that are often displayed together at weddings and are considered a symbol of a happy marriage and prosperous family life. The Wedding Couple icons have a special meaning in the Christian tradition, they symbolize holy marriage and divine love. These icons can be used as gifts for newlyweds or as decorations at a wedding celebration. In Christian iconography, the Virgin Mary and the Christ Pantocrator are often depicted together, symbolizing the union of the heavenly and earthly, male and female, spiritual and physical. They are also a symbol of fidelity, love and marriage, which have their origin in divine love.
These icons can come in different sizes and styles, they are usually made in a traditional style and are used in wedding ceremonies. They can also serve as a spiritual symbol, reminding newlyweds of the importance of family values and a marriage based on love and mutual respect.

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