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Smolensk Orthodox Icons catalog

Welcome to our icon painting studio, where we paint icons, including those from the Smolensk orthodox icons of the Mother of God “Hodigitria” category, with a love of art. These icons, painted by our experienced masters, are the embodiment of the gracious image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially venerated in the image of the Smolensk Icon.
Each icon in this category carries a deep meaning and symbolism inherent in the Smolensk icon, which is a source of consolation and intercession.
Our masters use traditional methods and materials of icon painting to convey the spirit and warmth characteristic of this image.
Icons of the Smolensk Mother of God are famous for their blessed energy, and each of our icons is created with special attention to the transmission of this spiritual energy.
We offer the possibility of individual ordering of icons, so that your image of the Smolensk Virgin Mary will be exactly as you imagine it.
By choosing an icon of the Smolensk Mother of God in our workshop, you acquire not just an image, but a spiritual treasure filled with the blessing of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The icon painting workshop “Mstyora Icons” offers a wide range of hand-painted icons of the Mother of God of Smolensk of various sizes and designs. You can buy a handmade icon both for your personal altar and as a gift for your relatives and friends. And also order a temple icon, analoy icon, icons for iconostasis. All icons are made by masters and painters of high level, which guarantees the quality and durability of icons.
In our icon painting workshop you can buy Smolensk orthodox icons of the Mother of God at an affordable price and free delivery.

It is possible to paint an image in any size to order.
We accept orders for measurement icons, analoy icons, church icons, and icons for iconostasis.