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Archangel Michael orthodox icons catalog

The Archangel Michael icon category offers a wide selection of icons dedicated to Archangel Michael, one of the most revered saints in Orthodoxy. Orthodox icons of this category are characterized by beauty and centuries-old history, and also have a deep spiritual significance. Archangel Michael is depicted on icons in battle clothes, with a sword and shield, symbolizing his fight against evil and protection of believers. Icons of this category are suitable for use both in church and at home, and can be a wonderful gift for relatives and friends.

The icon painting workshop “Mstyora Icons” offers a wide range of hand-painted orthodox icons of Archistratigus Michael of various sizes and designs. You can buy a handmade icon both for your personal altar and as a gift for your relatives and friends. And also order a temple icon, analoy icon, icons for iconostasis. All icons are made by masters and painters of high level, which guarantees the quality and durability of icons.
In our icon painting workshop you can buy Orthodox icons of Archangel Michael at an affordable price and free delivery.

It is possible to paint an image in any size to order.
We accept orders for measurement icons, analoy icons, church icons, and icons for iconostasis.