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The category of Archangel Gabriel icons in our workshop offers a wide range of images of Archangel Gabriel, one of the greatest and most famous angels in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Icons of this Archangel have a special spiritual significance and are a symbol of grace, blessing and protection. They can be used to gain spiritual power, help in protection from evil and to communicate with the world of heaven.

The icon painting workshop “Mstyora Icons” offers a wide range of hand-painted orthodox icons of Gabriel of various sizes and designs. You can buy a handmade icon both for your personal altar and as a gift for your relatives and friends. And also order a temple icon, analoy icon, icons for iconostasis. All icons are made by masters and painters of high level, which guarantees the quality and durability of icons.
In our icon painting workshop you can buy Orthodox icons of Archangel Gabriel at an affordable price and free delivery.

It is possible to paint an image in any size to order.
We accept orders for measurement icons, analoy icons, church icons, and icons for iconostasis.