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Orthodox Icons of Luke

Icons depicting St. Luke, the great physician and apostle, are extremely revered in the Orthodox tradition. St. Luke is the author of one of the books of the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke, as well as a holy healer and patron saint of all those associated with the medical profession.
On icons of St. Luke, he is usually depicted in devotional garb – wearing a choir and epitrachil, holding an open retinue or pen in his hands. This image symbolizes his role as an apostle and evangelist who wrote the word of God for the instruction and spiritual enlightenment of the faithful.
St. Luke is also often depicted with medical instruments or symbols of medicine, such as a bowl of ointment or a snake. These attributes are associated with his gift of healing and miracle-working, as well as his ministry as a physician who helped people and healed their physical and mental suffering.
The icons of St. Luke are considered holy and miraculous. Many people turn to them with prayers for health and healing, especially those who suffer from various diseases and ailments. St. Luke serves as the patron saint of doctors, medical workers and all those associated with medicine and health care.
The symbolism of icons depicting St. Luke is associated with his mercy, sacrifice and devotion to serving God and people. His image brings hope and comfort to those who face illness and suffering, and inspires the faithful to follow the example of devotion and care for others.
Icons of St. Luke remind us of the power of faith, mercy and the miraculous power of prayer. His image leaves a deep impression and attracts the faithful with its special spiritual meaning and gracious power, which helps to overcome illness and suffering, exuding health and comfort to all those in need.

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