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Orthodox Icons of Elizabeth

Name icons are especially meaningful for people whose names coincide with the names of Saints. An icon of Elizabeth can be given as a gift on a name day, as well as on birthdays and other spiritual and life events, such as the consecration of a dwelling or a wedding. It may also be purchased for personal adoration and prayer.

The “Elizabeth” category encompasses a collection of icons and religious images dedicated to Saint Elizabeth the Great Martyr. Saint Elizabeth, renowned for her profound faith, compassion, and self-sacrifice, is one of the most venerated saints in the Orthodox tradition. The icons and images featured in this category depict various moments from the saint’s life, her spiritual endeavors, and miracles performed through her prayers.
Each icon in the “Elizabeth” category is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and symbolism traditionally associated with the depiction of the saint. These icons serve as an inspiring reminder of the power of faith and mercy and can be a valuable addition to a home iconostasis or religious collection.
Shoppers seeking icons of Saint Elizabeth will find a variety of styles and sizes in this category, suitable for personal devotion or as gifts for religious holidays. Each icon comes with a detailed description, including information about the saint, the history of the icon’s creation, and its significance in the Orthodox tradition.
We invite you to explore the “Elizabeth” category on our website to find an icon that resonates deeply with your heart and becomes a source of spiritual inspiration and comfort.

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