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Dear representatives of Orthodox churches and temples,
the icon painting workshop “Mstyora Icons” (Mstyora village, Vladimir region) is pleased to offer you our high quality and unique services in the sphere of icon painting and iconostasis creation. Our workshop has been proudly engaged in icon painting for many years, and we provide services that will help you to decorate and preserve the spiritual atmosphere of your temple. You can view our work on our website.
Our services include:
1. Painting temple icons:
– Creating beautiful and expressive temple icons that will represent important moments in your faith and history.
– A variety of styles and techniques to fit the unique needs of your church.
– Using high quality materials and pigments so that the icons will serve you and your parish for years to come.
2. Icon Restoration:
– Our experienced iconographers specialize in the restoration of antique icons, restoring them to their original beauty and brilliance.
– We take care to preserve the historical and spiritual value of each icon.
3- Writing Iconostases:
– Creating iconostases that will serve as the spiritual centerpiece of your church and beautify its interior.
– Providing customized design projects that take into account the architectural features of your church.
Why choose Mstyora Icons?
– Starting an icon with 30% prepayment: We respect your needs and are ready to give you the opportunity to start creating an icon with 30% prepayment. We believe in the quality of our work and your confidence in our workshop.
– Free Postal Delivery: We care about your convenience and offer free delivery of ordered icons and iconostasis using the Post Office so that you can receive them safely and on time.
– Art and Faith: We understand the deep connection between art and spirituality. Our iconographers are focused on creating works that are not only beautiful, but spiritually rich as well.
– Professionalism: Our craftsmen have many years of experience in icon painting and icon restoration. We guarantee high quality and thoroughness in every detail.
– Individual approach: We work with each customer individually, taking into account their unique needs and wishes.
– Preservation of cultural heritage: We value historical and cultural heritage and provide restoration and preservation services for antique icons.
We are ready to do our part in beautifying and preserving your temple. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please contact us at the contacts below. We look forward to working together to create works of art that will inspire and delight.

With sincere respect,
manager of the Mstyora Icons order department
Denis Myasnikov

Orthodox Icons