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Orthodox Icons of Lazarus

Icons depicting St. Lazarus of Bethany, also known as Lazarus the Resurrector, depict one of the most famous and important characters in the Bible who is raised from the dead by Jesus Christ.
An icon of St. Lazarus usually depicts a man in a long robe, covered with a veil, as if raised from the dead. He may be standing in front of an open coffin or he may be meeting Jesus Christ, who has come to raise him.
The icon of Lazarus the Resurrector symbolizes the victory over death and the resurrection of eternal life. It reminds the faithful of Christ’s miracles and mercy and encourages us with its promised power over death and resurrection power.
Lazarus the Resurrector serves as a model of faith and hope for all Christians. He is also often associated with the Sunday before Resurrection Sunday and the resurrection of the faithful on the Day of Judgment.
The icon of St. Lazarus is respected and honored in Orthodox and other Christian traditions, and serves as a reminder of God’s great power and mercy.

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