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Orthodox Icons of Spyridon

The iconography devoted to the name Spyridon reflects veneration and respect for St. Spyridon of Trimython, known as a myrrh-flowering and miracle worker. St. Spyridon was bishop of Trimython, the island of Cyprus, in the fourth century, and his life and miracles made him one of the most worshiped Saints in Orthodoxy.
Icons dedicated to Spyridon usually depict the Saint in the ruling robes of a bishop, with a pastoral staff and the Gospel in his hands. His characteristic feature is the depiction of myrrh flow – small particles of peace emanating from his body, which symbolizes his holiness and spiritual power.
Orthodox icons of Spyridon are an object of veneration and prayer. Believers turn to Spyridon of Trimython with requests for protection, help in illnesses, family and personal difficulties. His icons are also considered a spiritual protection and a source of hope and consolation.
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