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Orthodox Icons of Igor

Name icons are especially meaningful for people whose names coincide with the names of Saints. An Igor icon can be given as a gift both on a name day, birthday, and other spiritual and life events, such as the consecration of a dwelling or a wedding. It can also be purchased for personal worship and prayer.
Icons depicting St. Igor, although not the most common in the Orthodox tradition, have their own special significance and worship. Igor is usually depicted in the attire of a prince with weapons or military vestments, indicating his military merit and heroism. Often on an icon with Igor you can see the image of a horse, symbolizing his military strength and courage.
Igor was a prince of Kievan Rus in the 10th century and is considered a saint in the Orthodox Church. His memory is honored on Saints’ Memorial Day, as well as on the celebration of other events associated with him in the church calendar. Saint Igor is known for his wise decisions and mercy to his people.
An icon with Igor is often placed in churches and prayer places as an object of worship and prayer for intercession in military and peaceful affairs, protection and help in difficult situations. The image of St. Igor reminds believers of the importance of justice, mercy and protection of the weak.
Although there are not as many icons of St. Igor as there are of other saints, their importance and worship among the faithful has persisted for centuries. The iconography of St. Igor may vary slightly depending on local traditions and perceptions, but his image always inspires faith and spiritual overcoming.

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