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Orthodox Icons of Basilissa

Name icons are especially meaningful for people whose names coincide with the names of Saints. The icon of Basilissa (Vasilissa) can be given as a gift both on a name day, birthday, and other spiritual and life events, such as the consecration of a dwelling or a wedding. It may also be purchased for personal adoration and prayer.
Name icons of St. Vasilissa depict her in various ages and images, usually in women’s clothing and with attributes associated with her life and holiness.
One of the most common icons is “Vasilisa of Nicomedia”, on which she is depicted in monastic garb, with a cross or book in her hands. This icon symbolizes her holiness and the monastic lifestyle she adopted at a young age.
One of the attributes on the icon may be a brush or palette, which relate to the legend that Basilissa was a talented artist and created many church icons.
Also on the icon may be depicted a cat, which is her traditional attribute and symbolizes her mercy and care for animals.
Saint Basilissa is the patroness of girls, beautiful women, artists and ceramicists. Icons with her image are often used for prayer practice and veneration, as well as for protection from illness and calamities.
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