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Orthodox Icons of Andrew

Name icons are especially meaningful for people whose names coincide with the names of Saints. An icon of St. Andrew can be given as a gift both on a name day, birthday, and other spiritual and life events, such as the consecration of a dwelling or a wedding. It can also be purchased for personal worship and prayer.
The icon of St. Andrew the Apostle depicts one of the twelve apostles of Christ. St. Andrew was the brother of Peter and, like him, was a fisherman. According to tradition, Andrew was the first to learn about Jesus Christ and brought his brother to Him. After the crucifixion of Christ, Andrew became a missionary and spread Christianity to various regions including Greece, Turkey and Crimea. His memory is celebrated on December 13 and he is the patron saint of Russia. The icon of Andrew depicts him in holy robes and with the symbol of his martyrdom – a cross in the shape of the letter “X” (or “Christ”). Apostle Andrew was crucified in 62 AD, on the last day of November in the city of Patras on the X-shaped cross and called the oblique cross “Andrew’s”.
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